18 β˜… viet πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ they she 5w2

TO KNOW i am a college student who works free time. selective. updates occasionally. i tend to clean up my mb and followings. i’m very privateβ €& introverted which means i like to be in my own habitat and also focusβ €on myself. semi vocal about my (dis)likes. rarely respond to pms.

(Κ˜θ¨€Κ˜β•¬) -14/15 unless i reach out first. basic dni critera. a poc silencer. i do not have anything super specific, just don’t be a weirdo and β €overstep my boundaries or plagiarism my work (covers, boards, layout etc.)

NOTES check out my pronouns page for my preferred terms and more!

MUSIC!!! seventeen (a casual kpop listener.) the 1975. deftones. finneas lany. sasha sloan. bibi. mitski. beabadoobee. cat burns. awfultune. olivia o’brien. new west. cavetown. he is we. lana del rey. the walters. cigarettes after sex. phoebe bridgers. suggi. the black skirts.

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